Thursday, 24 June 2021

The Benefits of Dark Wood Flooring

It's no secret that we love wood flooring . We have previously written blog posts about how dark hues will be fashionable in the future, how they compare to lighter colors, and how dark woods fit in with interior decor.

We are returning to the basics.

Dark wood flooring is a versatile option that offers many benefits. You can enhance your home with the unique features of walnut, dark maple, and acacia species.

Are you still skeptical? We are sure that you will be convinced! Here are 3 reasons that dark wood flooring is our favorite:

Hides Dirt and Damage

It's important that your home is clean and tidy. It can be difficult for homeowners to keep up with daily chores. Dark wood flooring can keep your home looking new.

Dark colors are great for hiding dust and debris. This will save you hours of vacuuming and sweeping!

The darker color also protects against stains and scratches. This is great news if you don't plan on making costly repairs anytime soon.

Increases the proportion of larger spaces

All of us have had the dream of expanding our homes or adding more living space. When homeowners have a lot of space, it can make their interior look bare or empty. The space can look unwelcoming and uncoordinated, as well as feeling cold and unwelcoming.

This is clearly not ideal. Dark flooring can be a great option to bring balance into your interior space. Dark woods are more able to absorb light than other colours, making the space feel more enclosed without feeling claustrophobic.

This is especially useful for minimalist interior design. The muted colors help to create continuity between the different pieces in the room and improve the flow of the space.

Featured Product

The Brimham Wax Acacia (SA1059) has been chosen as our featured product. It is a rich, luxurious product that will go well with all interior themes. The color variation adds another dimension and charm to any room. (Photo at the right).

Fading is more difficult than it seems

If you are going to spend a lot on flooring, it is important to know that it is durable. Engineered and solid wood have a longer life expectancy. However, the quality of the finish may be affected by how much natural light is allowed to your boards.

As we've discussed, dark wood flooring makes use of the absorption light to its best advantage. This is the same.

The lighter finishes will look more faded over time and require sanding faster than the darker boards. Dark wood, on the other hand, will fade less and provide more value for your money.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2020


--If you have been researching hardwood floor options, no doubt you have come across lots of articles that sing the praises of bamboo as a tremendously eco friendly material. These are usually right, but not always so.

Bamboo is considered an eco-friendly option

Because bamboo floors is technically a grass. Therefore, it regenerates in three to four decades, far faster than typical timber. Horticulturists also feel that the harvesting bamboo can actually help improve growing conditions -- considerably as cautiously engineered, selective timber harvesting aids a woods grow.

Bamboo also has indirect ecological benefits.

When you put in a hardwood floor, you don't need to clean your floors as vigorously or as often as possible if you put in carpets. You can clean a bamboo floor with just a dry mop or broom; whereas you might require a more dramatic and potentially environmentally costly cleaning regimen if you go for carpeting.

Bamboo can also persist for a long time -- 30 decades or longer.

Depending upon the building job and care provided -- and consequently homeowners don't need to replace or replace flooring as often as they might otherwise. Whenever you can refrain from doing major building, you save environmental expenses, including labour, machines, pollutionand debris created, etc..

Are you interested in bamboo flooring?

If that's the case, look to the Hampshire Area hardwood flooring experts in Hampshire Floor Sanding to introduce you to powerful choices to decorate, decorate, and wash your home, flat, or business.We offer new floor installments, dust-free refinishing, no sanding procedures, and free inspections and estimates.

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Monday, 27 April 2020


The initial outlay of a hardwood flooring may be more than another alternative such as rugs but their flexibility and value for money can far outweigh exactly that. It is indisputable that hardwood floors provides a lovely and functional alternative that is timeless.

High-quality solid wood floors provide durability and are equipped to tackle high-traffic areas within any residence. The procedure for regular cleaning is relatively straight ahead; dirt and dust will collect on the surface of the wood, which may be simply swept away.

Dry particles are removed with ease and a wood floor that is appropriately finished will offer resistance against staining. Understanding and recognition of their care and maintenance requirements of your wood floors is vital. Mistakes when sanding or cleaning your hardwood flooring can be both expensive and time-consuming.

That is where our experience as expert hardwood flooring cleaning and floor sanding professionals comes into play. It allows our customers to attain the very best potential, long-lasting end for their flooring. Part of this confidence stems from our comprehensive dealing with all types of wood floors and changing challenging facets.

Another benefit is that our effective service removes all of the pressure and pressure on you, our client, to acquire spectacular results to create a much healthier environment for your family.

Another advantage is the use of our virtually dust free sanding system; this machinery enables the production of their very smooth, yet durable and hard-wearing wood complete . It reduces airborne dust to our customers compared to the traditional method of sanding wood flooring.

If you would like to enquire about wood recovery please contact us today on 01256 520 159 .

Friday, 3 April 2020

What is Commercial Wood Flooring?

If you are planning to install commercial wood flooring there's a whole host of things you'll need to take under consideration thanks to the broad selection of hardwood flooring alternatives which are ideally suited to a commercial atmosphere.

No matter whether you're looking to floor or re-floor a pub, a bar, a store, an office or a large public space such as a museum, a gallery or a sports hall, commercial hardwood flooring may be the best solution. You will undoubtedly have a specific look in mind on your floor and that will ultimately affect your pick. In reality, the decisions you make depends nearly as much upon the look (or the aesthetics) you're aiming to attain as well as the more fundamental considerations such as traffic, moisture and temperature changes.

If you are looking for a natural look that will be durable and satisfying to the eye, commercial hardwood floors is one option that you simply can't afford to ignore. However, making the proper choice of wood flooring is essential if your investment is going to be a solid one.

In the UK, oak is one of the most widely used hardwood floors option in both domestic and commercial locations. Oak is as famous for its strength and durability now as it has ever been. Even within the oak assortment of wood flooring alternatives, there's a whole slew of choices. For example you may choose pre-finished or un-finished engineered oak flooring, pre-finished or un-finished solid oak flooring, or among those many oiled choices. Because of the magnitude of the oak tree, there's also a wide range of board width choices in oak ranges.

That said, if you're looking to flooring or re-floor a commercial area which is very likely to have a high footfall, or even a location which suffers significant humidity or temperature fluctuations, other dense hard woods such as Wenge and Cumaru are also worthy of consideration. Wenge is a tropical timber with a dark colouring and a feature partridge pattern in its grain. Cumaru is an exotic hardwood that's naturally durable but comes in a broader natural colour range than Wenge, including everything from a gold tan colouration into a reddish brown. Among the unique features of Cumaru is that it will age to a natural silver-grey patina in time.

So regardless of what the commercial function to your wooden floor, there are plenty of wood alternatives to pick from. Finally, when you've selected the most acceptable wood option for your floor, then comes down to choosing the right finish. Picking the right finish to your own commercial wood flooring is a decision that ought to be made dependent on the traffic, humidity and temperature conditions which your floor will be asked to take care of. It's advisable not to choose wood flooring complete decisions lightly because making the right finishing choice will aid your flooring look good and last longer.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Latest Wood Flooring Trends

Like everything, wood floors goes through tendencies. What was hot, fashionable and hunted after 5 decades back, will not always be"in fashion" tomorrow and also the very same dangers being accurate with what we are all yearning for at this time. Thus, once you're considering installing a new wood flooring, although it may be really attractive to follow the fashion, it is really crucial that you cover a little more than a nod to which may please you 5, 10 or even 15 years period.

All that said, tendencies are not just about looks, tendencies are also about enhancing products and enhancing choice utilizing technologies and new thoughts to allow timber floors products to develop and expand, so what is new in the timber flooring world at this time?

One of the key developments over the past ten years or so is that we've noticed the development, advancement and growth in the prevalence of engineered wood flooring. Engineered hardwood floors is wood floors that is made up of layers of plywood which are bonded together and topped off with a solid walnut lamella, or top layer. Among the main trends we've seen as engineered wood flooring has developed is the successful use of wood floors in kitchens and bathrooms, which was before a bit of a"no-no" because of the high moisture content and temperature fluctuations.

In line with the entire eco, or green movement, we've also seen a trend towards an increased need for moral woods to be utilised in wood flooring projects. In a nutshell, the FSC certification scheme identifies wood which comes from well managed and well protected sources. It concerns itself with how forests are managed, by a social, economical, ecological, cultural and spiritual perspective and pays respect to future and present generations in all its dealings.

Another recent trend in hardwood flooring is your desire for a very extensive option in regards to colour. At one stage wood floors came in timber colors and timber colors alone. Nowadays, new design technology usually means that timber flooring can be provided pre-treated to any color requirement you might have. This usually means that flooring could be provided ready colored and prepared handled, which makes the disturbance at setup period minimal.

And ultimately, the fantastic news is that the true growth in demand for timber flooring within the last ten years or so has produced a fiercely competitive sector. This implies from your perspective, is that timber flooring is getting increasingly cheaper, which only needs to become good news.